Working Out Loud (WoL)

Working Out Loud (WoL)

Who has heard about the new movement WorkingOutLoud?
Especially in Germany companies are excited about it:

e.g. Daimler AG, Bosch, Siemens, … Vernetzt arbeiten und lernen, CIO-IDG

WoL is a method to facilitate working together across departments. It assumes groups of five persons – called circles – who did not yet work together. They shall meet one hour per week over 12 weeks and follow a defined agenda to realize some personal goals. Each week has a specific objective (slightly changed the headlines):

  1. Pick your goal and identify related people
  2. Give attention to related people
  3. Pay yourself first (reserve time)
  4. Earn someone else’s attention
  5. Gather facts about you
  6. Improve your visibility
  7. Write a letter from your future self
  8. Create your own progress chart
  9. Your Top Ten resources, and the Dinner Table University
  10. Become more systematic
  11. Imagine the possibilities
  12. Reflect and celebrate

You can read details here:

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