Survey with WordPress

Survey with WordPress

I am looking for a plugin for a survey.

The following sites provide plugin overviews:

I’ve tried out the following myself:

Chained QuizzFeatur rich quizz tool. Next question can be configured based on answer.
Result can be defined based on score ranges.
Integrates with Watu Quizz ProSurvey
Contact Form by WPFormsWPFormsVery simple drag-and-drop tool, Wizzard to guide through first form.
Supports Google reCaptcha. Results are sent by email, not stored in WordPress.
WPMenu: WPForms
Very good for surveys, no quiz functionality. Survey
Decision TreeSide Cars AppsNot available for latest WordPress version, 3 years old. Does not publish.Survey
Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz MakerOpinionStageSaaS solution - all polls, surveys, etc. are stored on Opinion Stage website.
Include different types: poll, survey, quizz, forms, lists ...
Menu: OpinionStage
Need registration at Opinion Stage.
Good quality, great layout, customization. No logic with quizz results.
Quiz And Survey Master Frank CorsoSurveys are created combining question types multiple choice, dropdown, etc. Surveys are organized in pages. Answers, result pages, and email notifications are highly configurable.
Results can only provided based on total score. Results are sent and stored in WordPress. No Captcha.
WPMenu: Quizzes/Surveys
I've tried the free version. So far, I was not able to get individual answers from a survey. It's better for quizzes than surveysSurvey
Watu QuizzMenu: Watu QuizzesOnly Pro has good features.Survey

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