Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner

I’ve tested the following cleaning tools:

CCleaner Free

Some download link:

Quite penetrant advertising of payable version.

Does not count how many issues found.

Run CCleaner after Eusing still found 4165 issues. After fixing still some ActiveX controls left.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Some download link:

Only Registry cleanup, offers system repair point, found 910 problems on 06.01.2019, slow scan.

After Cleanup (I cleaned first) 36 problems left.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free

Some download link:

Started, informed that there was no registry backup, and offered backup.

Found 4187 problems on 06.01.2019, fast scan.

After cleanup with Eusing and CCleaner, still found 1899 issues.

Offers additionally Registry re-ordering, but no need, only 0,77% saving in space.