No progress in programming languages

No progress in programming languages

Nearly 30 years without fundamental progress in programming languages shows that we’ve reached a trashold to a completely new domain of programming languages. Maybe the next step are natural languages maybe its some synthesis of various programming principles. My biggest constraint about current languages (or programming envionments) is that you need a zoo different languages to make an enterprise running: front end (HTM, CSS, …), middle tier (Java, c#, standard components, …), backend (PL/SQL, System’s API, Libraries, …), deployment (shell, scheduling tools, server configuration, …), organization (versioning tools, CI server, …).

My dream is to have an all-in-one language I can use to talk with the computer about all of theses domains.

Inspired by post

Paul Graham wrote an interesting post about how difficult it is to convince a programmer to chnge the language – even if it was a more powerful one:

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