Maurya about Lean Canvas

Maurya about Lean Canvas

Ash Maurya, the creator of Lean Canvas and his team is running a great blog giving a lot of information and dos and don’t:

They are also providing online tools to e.g. create a lean canvas. I’ll test and explain later. If some of you have experiences (please comment below).

Some key ideas from his book/blog:

  • Continuous innovation: It’s always been about customer pull –> link
  • “speed of learning has become the new unfair advantage” –> link 
  • Common problems –> link
    1. Inertia kills innovation
    2. Execution of the plan is NOT the right measure of progress
    3. Few big bets
  • Start with MVP and do experiments is just not good enough –> link
    …think of the build/measure/learn loop as a fast idea validator or tester. While it can quickly sort good ideas from bad, it doesn’t necessarily help you turn a bad idea into a good idea, which begs the obvious question
  • …do that by focusing on problems before solutions –> link
  • Customer Factory Blueprint provides  7 key metrics to fulfill stakeholders’s needs for financial forecasts –> link 
  • Customer Forces Canvas to find better problems –> link
    • Inertia represents obstacles and roadblocks that hold the customer back at the time of choosing a new solution. 
    • Friction occurs further down the road. Friction represents obstacles and roadblocks that get in the way during usage. 
  • LEAN Sprints, takes ideas from agile and design sprints, but focus in traction velocity rather than build velocity –> link

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