Getting Things Done – Capture Tools

Getting Things Done – Capture Tools

After reading David Allen’s book I’ve got excited on his ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD) schema and tried out some capture tools.

Braintoss for capturing voice, photo, and notes. It sends emails to one ore more target email addresses. Pictures and voice will be automatically transformed to text.App costs 1,99 EUR
Drafts to capture text or voice input, and act on it: send, store, post, ...
only IOS
Evernotehttps://www.evernote.comApp and Website to take and organize notes, create checklists. Share notes.
Nirvana and Web, GTD tool, including time categories (next waiting, scheduled, Someday), projects with notes, references and tags as proposed by GTD.
Initial installation comes with some demo tasks that guide through basic functionality, includes reading Allan's book and quick guide.
Project attributes: Tags, description, Due date, flag parallel/sequencial tasks
Free version limited to 5 projects.
Export all as csv.
Active on Twitter @nirvanahq
Nice full GTD tool. Provides necessry GTD features, no foto capture. UIX could be improved, but I've chosen it because of the project detail.
New company, home pages says little about the company. (dropped 10.03.19)
To-doMicrosoftNew Microsoft app to organize todos, will be intregrated into Office 365
Todoist tool, App and Web. Basic GTD functionality. Most features need premium license.
Includes assistants, and a lot of hints/tipps how to improve productivity. Sends email reminders and tipps by email in default setting. Projects can be indented building a hierarchy.
Very active on Twitter @todoist
Nice UIX, Originally I thought, that's my tool. But free version offers too little functionality. Hints and tipps are good for beginners.
Company since 2007, has two products: todoist and twist. Has open Job adds.
Interesting: doist is promoting a virtual asynchronous working model.
Wunderlist and share lists, reminders, todos, ...
Will be replaced by Microsoft To-do.
Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015 and has promised to replace it with Microsoft To-Do.

More overview and assessments of GTD tools:

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