Forum Plugins

Forum Plugins

I am sharing my experience how to setup a discussion forum using WordPress.

Plugin Selection

First step is to select an appropriate plugin.

I’ve did some googling and found the following links useful:

Both list bbPress first the native WordPress plugin. Therefore, I’ve started with it.

bbPress Plugin

I’ve also added the following extensions:

  • bbPress Notify (No Spam)

After installing the bbPress plugin in the administrative dashboard a new Forum menu appears. I’ve created a new Forum –> TestForum.

This is how it looks like without further customizing:

Screenshot TestForum

Well, it’s a bit dull design – not nice for non tekkies, is it? So I’ll try another one.

wpForo Forum

wpForo Forum add another menu to the Dashboard with a lot more features than bbPress.

The forum looks like follows (link):

It automatically creates a page Forum with the [wpforo] meta tag.

Asgaros Forum

User registration Plugins

When establishing a forum, you may also want to open your WordPress site to a wider audience, so you’ll have to thin about user self registration. The following given an overview:

First proposal is the User Registration (FREE) plugin by
WPEverest, I’ve checked out.

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