Being Agile at Organizational Scale

Being Agile at Organizational Scale

There are many books and posts about agile teams. Doing Scrum or Kanban is a state-of-the-art in software development. But, how does it scale in big organizations? How can agile methods cross department boarders?

I’ve found some answers on the web. In upcoming blogs I’ll go into more details.

Here’s my list of the methods with links to further reading:

Please give me some feedback, if I missed some relevant approaches.

Mirko Blüming


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  1. Very cool list, thanks Mirko! I work with HolacracyOne, we develop Holacracy. I’m actually curious to look at some other models you mention here. With Holacracy, we use what I think is a useful distinction for comparing different organizational models: there is
    1) the organizational “operating system”, which is the fundamental way authority, power and accountabilities are distributed throughout the organization (Holacracy falls into that category), and there are
    2) “apps” that can installed on that organizational OS, like Scrum or Lean Startup for example, which are focused on a specific aspect of the business.

    Good luck with this work! And you’re welcome to poke me if you have questions about Holacracy.

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