AgilePM and DSDM

AgilePM and DSDM

I’ve just learned about #DSDM: Dynamic System Development Method, and gilePM as the corresponding certification:

DSDM was created in 1994, after project managers using RAD (Rapid Application Development) sought more governance and discipline for an iterative way of working. The contributing companies formed the “Agile Business Consortium” as a non-profit organization with origin in UK (British Airways, American Express, Oracle, Logica, …). DSDM was also founding member of the Agile Alliance and together with XP and Scrum influenced the creation of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development” in 2001.

In 2007 DSDM was made publicly available, and since then becomes more and more popular worldwide.
DSDM is a comprehensive framework combining the roles from both the agile and the control world (i.e. “Waterfall” and other traditional approaches). DSDM is based on eight principles:

  1. Focus on the Business Need
  2. Deliver on Time
  3. Collaborate
  4. Never Compromise Quality
  5. Build Incrementally from Firm Foundations
  6. Develop Iteratively
  7. Communicate Continuously and Clearly
  8. Demonstrate Control 

DSDM defines specific roles covering both the agile world and typical organisational needs.

The DSDM approach to development and delivery is both iterative and incremental. DSDM integrates project management and product development into a single process.

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