Agent Oriented Programming Languages

Agent Oriented Programming Languages

Agent based programming is an interesting approach for simulation and modeling – look on articles about agent based modeling (ABM) – e.g.

There is also the agent oriented programming paradigm (AOP) – see Wikipedia

Unfortunately, the list of AOP languages is long, most are proprietary, decommissioned, and it seems to me that there did still no main stream emerge:

  • 2APL / 3APL
  • Agent0
  • Agent Factory
  • Agent Sheet
  • Agent Speak
  • Breve
  • Concurrent METATEM
  • CArtAgo
  • DigiHive
  • GOAL
  • Jack
  • Jade
  • Jadex
  • Janus Project
  • JIAC
  • NetLogo
  • StarLogo
  • Steve
  • SOAR

That’s a lot – maybe you can help me to find even more.

Many of them are similar and implement a belief–desire–intention software model (BDI) –

In some later Blog I’ll give some feedback on the languages I’ve tried myself.

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